• Linear Polarizers for 2 - 30 µm Spectral Range
  • Extinction Ratios Better Than 150:1
  • BaF2, CaF2, KRS-5, and ZnSe Substrate Options


(Ø50 mm)


(Ø25 mm)

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Maximum Transmission
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Minimum Transmission
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Wire Orientation Drawing


  • 2~30 µmの波長範囲に対応した偏光子
  • 消光比は150:1~300:1 (「仕様」タブをご参照ください)
  • 2つのサイズが選択可能: Ø25 mmおよびØ50 mm
  • ワイヤ方向が明示された2重保護リングにマウント

偏光子は、直線偏光の光を透過し、無偏光(またはランダム偏光)の光源からの直交偏光を阻止します。 当社のホログラフィックワイヤーグリッド偏光子は2~30 µmのスペクトル領域(333~5000 cm-1)で動作します。 この製品は、フッ化バリウム(BaF2)、フッ化カルシウム(CaF2)、臭化タリウム - ヨウ化タリウム(KRS-5)またはセレン化亜鉛(ZnSe)などの赤外線を透過する基板を使用し、ホログラフィックな手法を用いて直線の溝が加工されています。 次に溝に金属が蒸着されてワイヤーグリッドが形成されています。 ワイヤーグリッドは、グリッドに平行に偏光された放射光を吸収、反射するため、透過光の偏光はワイヤに対して垂直になります。ワイヤの方向は線で示されています(右図をご参照ください)。これは当社の他のワイヤーグリッド偏光子とは異なります。

当社のホログラフィックワイヤーグリッド偏光子の消光比は、150:1~300:1で、Ø25 mmまたはØ50 mmの2重保護リングマウントに取り付けられた状態で出荷されます。 詳細は「仕様」タブをご参照ください。 ワイヤは、マウントに刻まれている白い線に対して平行に形成されています(上図をご参照ください)。 当社では偏光子はペアでの使用を推奨しております。ペアで使用する場合の方が、指定の波長範囲において緩やかに可変減衰させることができます。 2つの偏光子をグリッドが平行になるように連続してつなげて使用した場合、20,000:1を超える消光比が簡単に得られます。

このような偏光子は一般的には、無偏光の分子レーザからの出射光の偏光または偏光光源からの放射の減衰に用います。 またこれらは、偏光ビームスプリッタの出力光のチューニングにも使えます。 当社では近赤外域から中赤外域の光で使用できるナノ粒子フィルム型直線偏光子もご提供しています。

注: 他の回折格子と同様にワイヤーグリッド偏光子(特にKRS-5から加工された偏光子)の表面は極めてデリケートです。 取り扱い時には、決して表面は触れずに、端面を持ってください。 クリーニングの際は、微風でほこりを慎重に取り除く方法以外は用いないことをお勧めします。

また、フッ化バリウム、KRS-5、セレン化亜鉛は危険な材料なので、取扱いには特にご注意ください。 これらの光学素子を取り扱う際には必ず手袋を着用いただき、事後にはよく手を洗ってください。セレン化亜鉛の製品安全データシート(MSDS)はこちら、フッ化バリウムの製品安全データシート(MSDS)はこちらから、それぞれダウンロードいただけます。


Extinction Ratio (Typical)a>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (10 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (8 µm)
>150:1 (2 µm)
300:1 (15 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (10 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (10 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (8 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (15 µm)
>150:1 (3 µm)
300:1 (10 µm)
Outer Diameter25 mm50 mm
Clear ApertureØ18.0 mmØ34.0 mm
Wire Grid Spacing2700 Grooves/mm (Nominal)
Substrate Thickness2.0 mm ± 0.5 mm3.0 mm ± 0.5 mm
Parallelism≤3 arcmin
Surface Flatnessλ/20 @ 10.6 μmλ/10 @ 10.6 μmλ/20 @ 10.6 μm λ/10 @ 10.6 μm
Ring Thickness5.0 mm ± 0.2 mm
Ring Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.2 mm
  • 消光比(ER)は直線偏光した入射光の最大透過率と最小透過率の比です。透過軸と入射偏光が平行な場合、透過率は最大になります。透過率を最小にするには偏光子を90°回転させてください。

Posted Comments:
Do Hyeon Kim  (posted 2022-03-17 11:24:38.42)
I would like to confirm the transmittance of WP50H-B (BaF2) at the wavelength of visible and NIR regions (0.4-2um).
jdelia  (posted 2022-03-18 03:41:30.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. I have reached out to you directly to share our extended transmission data.
Jon Murray  (posted 2021-07-13 08:11:21.643)
I would like to know if the holographic wire grid polarisors are suitable as beam-splitters. To determine this I need information on the reflectance properties of the device. The spectral range I am interested in is 5 to 30+ microns so the KRS-5 is most applicable. Assuming these are suitable for use as Beamsplitter would you be able to supply custom devices, larger and possibly a substrate with surfaces titled relative to each other to avoid inter-reflection. Kind regards, Jon.
cdolbashian  (posted 2021-08-27 10:58:16.0)
Thank you for contacting us Jon. We would not recommend using this polarizer as a beam splitter as it absorbs a significant portion of the incoming beam, and we do not have data on the angular and wavelength dependent reflection coefficients through the full wavelength range. I have reached out to you directly to discuss your specific application and the potential for a custom. For future custom inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our "Solutions Team" at TechSales@thorlabs.com.
Tsuyoshi Akiyama  (posted 2019-07-19 22:05:11.157)
Could you tell me the damage threshold (CW laser) of this polarizer? I am looking for a polarizer for 9.6 and 4.8 micron with a high damage threshold.
YLohia  (posted 2019-07-22 03:43:56.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Unfortunately, we have not formally tested the damage thresholds of these wire grid polarizers yet. I have reached out to you directly to discuss your application.
gorinb  (posted 2018-02-19 17:07:21.47)
Questions on Holographic Grid Polarizer: What is the spectral transmittance between maximum and minimum transmittance for the 2 to 15um choice
nbayconich  (posted 2018-04-12 02:58:05.0)
Thank you for your feedback. We do not have transmission data for these polarizers in between the maximum and minimum transmission of these polarizers. I will contact you directly to provide the raw data of the max and min transmission. You can determine the transmission of any polarizer by using Malus's law with states that the transmission of a linearly polarized source at some angle Θ with respect to the transmission axis of a polarizer is I=Io*(CosΘ)^2.
chunghsinyang  (posted 2016-09-22 11:26:00.647)
Dear sir, What is the damage threshold of the WP25H-C (CaF2 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø25 mm, Mounted) Best regards, C.H. Yang
jlow  (posted 2016-09-23 02:44:26.0)
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We have not tested the laser induced damage threshold for these polarizers but we would recommend limiting the incident power intensity to <50 W/cm^2
zachary.flom  (posted 2014-09-13 21:41:33.017)
Will these polarizers (specifically the BaF2 and CaF2 version) pass a decent fraction of light at 650nm? I just want to make sure our pointing lasers will still be visible after passing through two or three of these (assuming the pointing laser is correctly polarized to pass through). Thanks.
yang.han  (posted 2014-07-03 20:14:20.423)
Do you have 0.5inch Dia, BaF2 wiregrid polarizers? What would be the clear aperture? and thickness? Thank you!
jlow  (posted 2014-08-07 08:55:32.0)
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We can quote this. We will contact you directly for a quote. You can also e-mail us at techsupport@thorlabs.com about this.
bdada  (posted 2011-11-08 13:07:00.0)
Response from Buki at Thorlabs: Thank you for using our Feedback Forum. Unfortunately, we do not specify the wire grid polarizers for THz applications and do not have any data about the performance at 1mm. We have contacted you to see if there are other ways we can assist you with your project.
npa  (posted 2011-11-04 12:07:54.0)
I was wondering if you have any information of the performance of the KRS5 polarizer in the THz regime? How do they do at 1mm wavelengths?
bdada  (posted 2011-07-29 14:49:00.0)
Response from Buki at Thorlabs: We have contacted you with a drawing. The wires run parallel with a spacing of 2700 Grooves/mm. Please contact TechSupport@thorlabs.com if you have further questions.
zoltan.karpati  (posted 2011-07-28 02:35:37.0)
Is there a chance to know the exact shape of the cross-section? I need this info for diffraction simulations. Do you happen to have wire grids w/ simple rectangular cross-section?
jjurado  (posted 2011-03-23 15:45:00.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to malcom.a.watson: Thank you very much for contacting us with your request. Although we have not tested the laser induced damage threshold for these polarizers, we would recommend limiting the incident power intensity to 50 W/cm^2. I will contact you directly for further assistance.
malcolm.a.watson  (posted 2011-03-23 08:56:45.0)
Do these polarisers have known laser damage thresholds, please, for both incident polarisation states?
Thorlabs  (posted 2010-09-02 13:41:00.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to england: we currently do not manufacture waveplates in any of these substrates. However, we are very interested in expanding this product line into the Mid-IR. We will explore this topic a bit further and get back to you with more details.
england  (posted 2010-09-01 21:55:59.0)
Do you make a quarter wave plate with KRS-5 or any of the other materials (KF2, ZnF2, ZnSe) in the wavelength range 3 to 5 microns? We want to detect elliptically polarized IR radiation.
Thorlabs  (posted 2010-07-22 10:59:25.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to m.kaucikas: Thank you for your feedback. The wire grid polarizers do not depolarize the reflected beam. Also, we specify a surface flatness of ?/20 @ 10.6 µm for Ø25 mm Polarizers and ?/10 @ 10.6 µm for Ø50 mm Polarizers, so the amount of distortion in the beam is negligible. However, the beam quality is affected slightly by the KRS-5 polarizers.
m.kaucikas  (posted 2010-07-09 16:56:33.0)
I am also interested in reflection from WGP. But I have linearly polarized beam falling onto WGP for reflection. Will it depolarize reflected beam? Will there be any distortions in the beam?
Javier  (posted 2010-06-11 21:11:01.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to last poster: The surface of a wire grid polarizer is extremely delicate. Nothing should ever be allowed to touch the surface of the polarizer. Handling, when necessary, should be by the edge only and with protected fingers. Careful removal of dust by gentle air flow is the only cleaning procedure recommended.
user  (posted 2010-06-11 16:34:29.0)
How do you clean those polarizers?
klee  (posted 2009-12-07 12:13:52.0)
A response from Ken at Thorlabs to tkragh: The index lines on the housing indicate which side the grooves are located, and are parallel to the direction of the grooves. When the plane of polarization of linearly polarized incident light is parallel to the direction of the grooves, the incident light is reflected, and the transmitted light is at a minimum. When the polarization plane is perpendicular to the direction of the grooves, the transmitted light is at a maximum.
tkragh  (posted 2009-12-05 13:04:15.0)
I have a simple question about polarization angle conventions. Does the index line marking on the mounting ring correspond to the orientation of the wire-grid, or the orientation of the outgoing EM-field? In other words, if the index lines on the ring are orientated Up/Down (12oclock/6oclock), will the outgoing EM-field be horizontally polarized? Thanks.
hongwei  (posted 2008-07-10 16:50:24.0)
The "Overview" mentions that the clear aperture of this product is 43mm. But I believe it should be 34mm as mentioned in the AutoCAD drawing.
Tyler  (posted 2008-06-25 14:37:01.0)
A response from Tyler at Thorlabs to hongwei: Although Thorlabs can often provide custom parts, we are unable to produce a 3 inch diameter BaF2 wire grid polarizer. Thank you for bringing your inquiry to us and I am sorry we are not able to produce your part.
hongwei  (posted 2008-06-25 10:04:06.0)
Hi, We are looking for a BaF2 wire grid polarizer with diameter as large as 3 inches. Do you take customer order? Hong Wei
technicalmarketing  (posted 2008-02-14 14:25:09.0)
Due to surface reflections, the reflected beam will contain both polarizations (E-vectors both parallel to and perpendicular to the wire). Therefore, the reflected light doesnt have a pure polarization. However, you could use a second wire grid polarizer in the reflected beam path to choose light polarized in a particular direction.
bret.cannon  (posted 2008-02-14 14:02:08.0)
What is the polarization purity of the light reflected from your wire grid polarizers? Thanks, Bret Cannon


当社では、ワイヤーグリッド、フィルム、方解石、α-BBO、ルチル、ならびにビームスプリッタを含むさまざまな偏光子をご用意しております。 ワイヤーグリッド偏光子のラインナップは、可視域から遠赤外域にも達する波長範囲に対応します。 ナノ粒子直線フィルム偏光子は最高で100 000:1の消光比を有しています。 また、その他のフィルム偏光子は、可視域から近赤外域までの光の偏光に使用できる製品としてお手軽な価格でご提供しております。 次に当社のビームスプリッタ偏光子は反射ビームの利用や、より完全に偏光された透過ビームの使用を可能にします。 最後に、α-BBO(UV域)、方解石(可視~近赤外域)、ルチル(近赤外~中赤外域)ならびに、オルトバナジン酸イットリウム(YVO4)(近赤外域~中赤外域)偏光子は、それぞれの波長範囲で100 000:1の高い 消光比を有する製品となっております。

偏光子の種類、波長範囲、消光比、透過率、ならびにサイズについては、下の表のMore [+]をクリックしてご覧ください。

Wire Grid Polarizers
Film Polarizers
Beamsplitting Polarizers
alpha-BBO Polarizers
Calcite Polarizers
Quartz Polarizers
Magnesium Fluoride Polarizers
Yttrium Orthovanadate (YVO4) Polarizers
Rutile Polarizers
  • 透過率特性をご覧になるにはグラフのアイコンをクリックしてください。 各特性データは、ある1つの基板またはコーティングの透過率をサンプルとして示しており、その特性は保証されているものではありません。
  • 偏光軸の印付きのマウント、ネジ切り無しリング、またはシリンダに取付け済み。
  • マウント無し、または偏光軸印付きのSM05ネジ付きマウントに取付け済みのタイプをご用意。
  • マウント無し、または偏光軸印付きのSM01ネジ付きマウントに取付け済みのタイプをご用意。
  • PBS519: TP:TS > 1000:1(平均値)
  • マウント無し、またはケージシステム対応キューブに取り付け済みのタイプをご用意。
  • 方解石は天然の物質で、350 nmあたりの典型的な透過率は約75%となります(Transmission欄をご覧ください)。
  • マウント無し、またはØ12.7 mmの筐体(ネジ切りなし)に取付け済みのタイプをご用意。
  • 方解石の透過率特性は、直線偏光が偏光子筐体に記されている偏光軸とアライメントしている場合に有効です。
  • Vコーティング(1064 nm)付きの製品は、型番末尾が「-C26」となっています。
  • マウント無し、または偏光軸印付きのマウントやネジ切り無しシリンダに取付け済みのタイプをご用意。

Ø25 mmワイヤーグリッド偏光子、 マウント付き

+1 数量 資料 型番 - ユニバーサル規格 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
WP25H-B Support Documentation
WP25H-BBaF2 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø25 mm, Mounted
WP25H-C Support Documentation
WP25H-CCaF2 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø25 mm, Mounted
7-10 Days
WP25H-K Support Documentation
WP25H-KKRS-5 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø25 mm, Mounted
WP25H-Z Support Documentation
WP25H-ZZnSe Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø25 mm, Mounted
7-10 Days

Ø50 mmワイヤーグリッド偏光子、マウント付き

+1 数量 資料 型番 - ユニバーサル規格 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
WP50H-B Support Documentation
WP50H-BBaF2 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø50 mm, Mounted
WP50H-C Support Documentation
WP50H-CCaF2 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø50 mm, Mounted
7-10 Days
WP50H-K Support Documentation
WP50H-KKRS-5 Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø50 mm, Mounted
7-10 Days
WP50H-Z Support Documentation
WP50H-ZZnSe Holographic Wire Grid Polarizer, Ø50 mm, Mounted
7-10 Days