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  • Integrates Directly with Our Lens Tubes and Cage Systems
  • Standard Lever Activation
  • Zero-Aperture and Stainless Steel Models Available


SM1-Threaded Iris


SM2-Threaded Iris


Stainless Steel Iris


SM1-Threaded Iris


Lens Tube


Lens Tube
Slip Ring

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Item #Compatible Lens TubeMinimum ApertureMaximum Aperture
SM05D5Ø1/2" (SM05)Ø0.7 mm (Ø0.03")Ø5 mm (Ø0.20")
SM1D12Ø1" (SM1)Ø0.8 mm (Ø0.03")Ø12 mm (Ø0.47")
SM1D25Ø1" (SM1)Ø0.8 mm (Ø0.03")Ø25 mm (Ø0.98")
SM2D25Ø2" (SM2)Ø0.8 mm (Ø0.03")Ø25 mm (Ø0.98")
SM3D50Ø3" (SM3)Ø2 mm (Ø0.08")Ø50 mm (Ø1.97")
SM1D12SZØ1" (SM1)ZeroØ12 mm (Ø0.47")
SM1D12SSØ1" (SM1)Ø0.9 mm (Ø0.03")Ø12 mm (Ø0.47")

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Posted Comments:
Posted Date:2017-03-22 13:50:34.42
Irises with max apertures of 75mm and 100mm would be very useful.
Posted Date:2017-03-23 05:20:25.0
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the inquiry. We offer irises with max. aperture 75mm. The item name would be ID75Z: https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=206 At the time we do not offer an iris with aperture of 100mm as standard item. I would like to check if we can offer a customized version for you. As you did not left any contact details, please contact techsupport@thorlabs.com
Posted Date:2016-05-13 16:02:46.317
Hello, It would be helpful that you have zero aperture iris of 25 mm max aperture diameter. Could I get a custom item?
Posted Date:2016-05-13 08:34:48.0
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry, we offer zero aperture post mounted Iris diaphragms with 25mm max aperture (ID25Z) and our standard Iris diaphragms without mounting holes are also available with 25mm max aperture, the part number is D25SZ. I have contacted you directly to check if one of these is suitable for you.
Posted Date:2016-02-17 09:30:00.037
Hello, it would have been good to explicitly specify that for zero aperture irises, the dual leaf design actually means two aperture planes. At least I wasn't aware that your dual leaf design implied there's 2 apertures and they are not coplanar. Such a design is not desired when the location of the aperture plane is critical such as in some telecentric systems.
Posted Date:2016-02-25 11:08:41.0
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: Thank you for the feedback. We will make this information clearer on the website.
Posted Date:2015-04-14 13:14:44.963
I have a SM1T1 stuck on a SM1D12. I want to submerge the whole thing in WD40 and sonicate it. Afterward, rinse it with an organic solvent. I need to know if the iris is only metal or it has plastic parts that can be damaged this way. I tried to lose it mechanically buy can make more pressure without risking destroying the iris or the tube. Do you have any suggestions on how to separate them. I'm deciding between keep trying or just leave the tube permanently stuck on the iris.
Posted Date:2015-04-22 05:37:15.0
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. The iris lever is made from stainless steel, the fins are made from hoop steel while the housing is made from anodized aluminum, there are no plastic parts used. There is also grease attached to guarantee smooth aperture settings. Normally it should be possible to lose the SM1D12 from the SM1T1 mechanically, I will contact you directly to troubleshoot this problem in more detail.
Posted Date:2014-05-18 10:12:42.683
Can you please provide the mechanical tolerance on the external diameter of the SM1D25 iris? its nominal diameter is given (40.6mm) in the drawing, but for my application the tolerance is required as well. Thanks.
Posted Date:2014-05-22 10:55:35.0
Response from Chris at Thorlabs: Thank you for your inquiry. I will contact you directly with this value.
Posted Date:2014-04-07 08:24:56.213
Good morning, Regarding the iris SM1D25: is there an option to lock the aperture at a certain opening after initial adjustment? Thanks, Tomer.
Posted Date:2014-04-08 07:44:53.0
Response from Chris at Thorlabs: Thank you for your inquiry. The SM1D25 aperture does not have a locking mechanism. There is a set screw on the bottom, which looks like it may be, but after inspection of the part, it is clear this is used only for assembly purposes, holding the internal aperture mechanism itself within the mounting ring at a fixed angle.
Posted Date:2013-12-10 10:33:35.167
Would it be possible to order iris diaphragms SM05D5 without the Thorlabs marking? The arrow symbol is very useful, but Thorlabs's logo is not desired for our commercial product.
Posted Date:2013-12-18 08:47:05.0
Jeremy Low: Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We could definitely do this as a custom for you. I will get in contact with you directly on getting a quote set up.
Posted Date:2008-07-28 22:58:46.0
Hallo, We will work on new drawings of the Iris Diaphragms right now. For SM1D12SZ the distance between the leaves is 2.35 mm. The distance from the mounting surface on the side with the external threads to the first set of leaves is 3 mm. Inge@thorlabs.com
Posted Date:2008-07-23 12:46:33.0
Do you have a 3d solid model of the SM1D12SZ yet? Or can you tell me the location of the iris leaves relative to the mounting surface?


  • レバー作動による開口制御
  • 黒色スチール製板バネ

当社のレバー作動アイリスはSM05、SM1、SM2、SM3(Ø12 mm~Ø12.7 mm(Ø1/2インチ)、Ø25 mm~Ø25.4 mm(Ø1インチ)、Ø50 mm~Ø50.8 mm(Ø2インチ)、Ø75 mm~Ø76.2 mm(Ø3インチ))ネジ加工付きレンズチューブに取付け可能な連続可変アイリスです。 黒色スチール製板バネは、アイリスの外部リング内で回転し、これを数千回繰り返す設計になっています。 このアイリスの筐体に刻印されている矢印は、開口を閉じるためのレバーの移動方向を示しています。

SM05D5、SM1D12、SM2D25、SM3D50には片側にSM内ネジが、もう片側にはSM外ネジが付いています(右図参照)。 SM1D25にはØ25 mmの開口があり、筐体の両側にSM1内ネジが付いています(右図参照)。 このページでご紹介している全てのアイリスの最小開口と最大開口については、上記「概要」タブ内の表をご参照ください。

+1 数量 資料 型番 - Universal 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
SM05D5 Support Documentation
SM05D5レバー作動アイリス、開口Ø0.7~5 mm、SM05ネジ付き
SM1D12 Support Documentation
SM1D12レバー作動アイリス、開口Ø0.8~12 mm、SM1ネジ付き
SM1D25 Support Documentation
SM1D25Customer Inspired!レバー作動アイリス、開口Ø0.8~25 mm、SM1ネジ付き
SM2D25 Support Documentation
SM2D25レバー作動アイリス、開口Ø0.8~25 mm、SM2ネジ付き
SM3D50 Support Documentation
SM3D50レバー作動アイリス、開口Ø2~50 mm、SM3ネジ付き
3-5 Days


  • 最小開口:ゼロ
  • 黒色スチール製板バネ
  • 最大開口:Ø12 mm
  • SM1ネジ付き

SM1D12SZは2重絞り設計なので、最大開口時の12 mm径から完全に閉鎖した状態(ゼロ開口)まで、連続して開閉することができます。 当社のゼロ開口アイリスは、隣接する面にスチール製の板バネを2組使用することにより、開口部を完全に閉じられます。このアイリスには、片側にSM1内ネジが、もう片側にはSM1外ネジが付いているので、SM1レンズチューブシステムに簡単に組み込むことができます。 このアイリスは黒色スチール製板バネで、レバー作動の絞りによって数千回もの滑らかな操作が可能です。 このアイリスの筐体に刻印されている矢印は、開口を閉じるためのレバーの移動方向を示しています。


+1 数量 資料 型番 - Universal 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
SM1D12SZ Support Documentation
SM1D12SZゼロ開口アイリス、最大開口:Ø12 mm、SM1ネジ付き


  • 高出力用途に適したステンレススチール製板バネ
  • SM1ネジ付き
  • 最大開口:Ø12.0 mm

SM1D12SSの板バネに使用されているステンレススチールは、従来のアイリスよりもハイパワーの用途で使用できます。開口は、最大開口の12 mm径から最小開口の0.9 mm径まで連続して変えることが可能です。このアイリスには、片側にSM1内ネジが、もう片側にSM1外ネジが付いているので、SM1レンズチューブシステムに簡単に組み込むことができます。 レバー作動のダイヤフラムは、耐久性に優れていて、滑らかな操作が可能です。矢印は、開口を閉じるためのレバーの移動方向を示しています。


+1 数量 資料 型番 - Universal 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
SM1D12SS Support Documentation
SM1D12SSステンレススチール製アイリス、開口Ø0.9~Ø12 mm、SM1ネジ付き
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