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  • Pack of Twenty 250 mm x 200 mm x 0.2 mm Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Film Sheets
  • Conductive Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Coating on One Side
  • High Transmission in the 400 nm - 2110 nm Wavelength Range


Pack of Twenty Sheets

Application Idea

ITO-Coated PET can be used as the conductive layer in a liquid crystal device.

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Item #OCF2520
Wavelength Range400 - 2110 nm
MaterialPolyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Coating (One Side)Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)
ITO Sheet Resistance Range*350 - 500 Ω/sq
Sheet Size250 mm × 200 mm
(9.84" × 7.87")
Size Tolerance±5 mm
Sheet Thickness0.2 mm (7.87 mils)
Thickness Tolerance±0.01 mm
Surface QualityCoated Side: 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Uncoated Side: 60-40 Scratch-Dig
Maximum Operating Temperature120 °C

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OCF2520 1枚あたりの透過率(典型値) ここに記載されているデータは典型値であって、ロットごとに若干の性能のばらつきが生じる可能性がある点にご注意ください。

OCF2520には、片面に導電性酸化インジウムスズ(ITO)のコーティングが施された透明なポリエチレンテレフタレート(PET)フィルムシートが20枚入っています。コーティングのシート抵抗は350~500 Ω/sq*で、各シートは柔軟性が高く120 ºCまでの高温に耐えられます。

シートのサイズは250 mm x 200 mm x 0.2 mm(L x W x T)で、400 nm~2110 nmのスペクトル範囲で高い透過率を示します。詳細は、右の透過率グラフをご覧ください。フィルム表面のスクラッチ&ディグは、ITOコーティング面では40-20、コーティング無しの面では60-40となっています。



シート抵抗はρ/tで定義され、抵抗率(Ω*m)を導電性ITOコーティングの厚さ(m)で割った値です。シート抵抗とフィルムの1部分における全抵抗とを区別するために、単位はΩ/sq (Ω毎スクウェア)で表されます。フィルムの抵抗は以下の式で求めることができます:

R = Rs * (L/W)

ここで、LとWはそれぞれフィルムの長さと幅を表し、Rsはシート抵抗を表します。 L = Wの正方形の薄いフィルム膜では、フィルムの抵抗はそのサイズにかかわらずシート抵抗と等しくなります。

Posted Comments:
Sean Tan  (posted 2021-02-11 10:57:41.13)
Hello, what is the PET's Tg for OCF2520?
Ladislav Vyklicky  (posted 2020-11-30 04:22:00.007)
Hello, We use OCF2520 to heat an optic chamber. The PET film is placed in between two glasses - when we assemble the glass and the PET film "maps" form at the interface - perhaps due to some sticky material that covers the PET film (after foil detachment). Is there a way to avoid “map” formation? Sincerely yours Ladia
YLohia  (posted 2020-12-09 11:05:07.0)
Hello Ladia, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. There is no sticky material on ITO film. The phenomenon you mentioned is caused by surface electrostatic interaction and the residual stress in the film. Another reason may be due to the stress caused during the assembly process and aging. The "map" formation is also related to the surface flatness of the glasses itself and a clean operation process.
user  (posted 2020-10-21 23:42:01.79)
I just wanted to know that what material is used to make the protective covering that comes on the top of ITO sheet
YLohia  (posted 2020-11-06 09:44:19.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. The protective film on top of the ITO is PE plastic.
Anayeli Flores  (posted 2020-07-14 15:40:36.04)
What is the crystallinity of the ITO film (amorphous, poly crystalline, etc.)? I would like etch these films but I have read that etch rate is determined by the crystallinity of the ITO thin film. Thank you for your time.
YLohia  (posted 2020-07-20 10:44:22.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. ITO is a non-crystalline (amorphous) film.
Upendra Adhikari  (posted 2020-06-29 16:20:04.757)
Hello, what is the seed layer in the coating material? Does this affect overall conductivity of the ITO ?
YLohia  (posted 2020-07-06 09:23:48.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Our ITO films do not have seed layers.
user  (posted 2020-05-20 14:27:25.553)
Hello, is this product suitable for creating resistive touch-screens? Thank you.
YLohia  (posted 2020-05-21 08:54:34.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. ITO coated PET Films have been used in flexible screen and touchscreen applications. If you have further questions, please feel free to email your local Thorlabs Tech Support team regarding this.
Andreas Frölich  (posted 2020-04-01 11:41:18.193)
would you have this as a thinner film, e.g. 50 µm thick in total with a sub-micron ITO layer on top of it? Would you also be able to supply this with Polycarbonate as the substrate in place of PET?
mdiekmann  (posted 2020-04-07 09:48:46.0)
Response from Meike at Thorlabs: Thank you for contacting us! There is some possibility for customization, but it will depend on the required quantities and specifications. Since you opted not to be contacted, please reach out to europe@thorlabs.com in case you would like to discuss this further.
Tanvi Upreti  (posted 2020-03-09 11:52:16.527)
Hi, would it be possible to get an exact resistance of 10 ohm/sq for the ITO sheets as well as the RMS roughness of the ITO. Thanks!
YLohia  (posted 2020-03-12 08:26:30.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. We have reached out to you directly to discuss this further.
user  (posted 2018-05-30 11:57:18.21)
Hello, is there a maximum power input to the ITO heater? Max W/cm2? Thanks!
YLohia  (posted 2018-06-01 08:29:21.0)
Hello, we have yet to perform damage threshold testing on these units so, unfortunately, we don't have any recommendations at the moment for the maximum power density that this ITO heater can handle.
dominic.lepage  (posted 2016-10-27 15:44:29.5)
Hi, Would it be possible to have the thickness of ITO and PET on this film ? Thanks!
tfrisch  (posted 2016-11-01 10:41:08.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Each is about 75um. The remaining thickness would be adhesive, about 50um.
+1 数量 資料 型番 - ユニバーサル規格 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
OCF2520 Support Documentation
OCF2520ITO-Coated PET Film, 250 mm x 200 mm x 0.2 mm, 20 Sheets
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