• Thorlabs and OEM Fluorescence Filter Cubes
  • Compatible with Select Thorlabs' Cerna®, Olympus, and Nikon Microscopes
  • Drop-In Compatibility and Hassle-Free Optic Exchange
  • Filter Pre-Mounting Available


Thorlabs Cube for Olympus
AX, BX2, and IX2 Microscopes


OEM Cube for Nikon E200-1000 and TE200 Microscopes


Thorlabs Cube for Nikon TE2000 and Eclipse Ti Microscopes

Application Idea

Thorlabs' TLV-TE2000 Filter Cube
with MDF-YFP Filter Set

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  • 当社のCerna®、ならびにNikon製およびOlympus製の顕微鏡に対応したドロップイン式フィルターキューブ
  • 当社製キューブがOEM品よりも優れている点
    • ダイクロイックミラーやビームスプリッタの歪みが減少し、イメージング品質が向上
    • 光学素子の取り付けが容易
  • 吸収フィルタ、励起フィルタ、ダイクロイックミラーの蛍光イメージングフィルターセットの取り付けが容易
  • フィルタ取り付け済みのキューブもご提供可能



こちらのドロップイン式フィルターキューブはフィルタ無しでご提供しています。フィルターキューブは、特定の蛍光分子用の励起フィルタ(Ø25 mm、厚さ5 mmまで)、吸収フィルタ(Ø25 mm、厚さ3.5 mmまで)ならびにダイクロイックミラー(取り付け可能なサイズは製品によって異なります。下記をご覧ください)を取り付けて使用することができます。フィルターキューブに予めマウントされたフィルターセットもご用意しています。詳細はこちらをご参照ください。その他のフィルタについて、もしくはカスタム仕様のご要望などございましたら、当社までお問い合わせください。

: 当社では、こちらのページに掲載の無い顕微鏡との互換性は、業界標準タイプの顕微鏡であっても保証しておりませんのでご注意ください。

Posted Comments:
Ludo Angot  (posted 2021-11-01 18:00:40.323)
It's confusing that Thorlabs designed and manufactures a TLV-U-MF2 with many advantages over the OEM cube MDFM-MF2 (SM1 threads, a "simplified Assembly and Improved Filter Retention Compared to OEM Cubes") but, per YLohia comment posted 2019-08-05, made it incompatible with Thorlabs' own WFA2001 and WFA2002. Any chance to make the TLV-U-MF2 compatible with the WFA2001/2? (from the CAD drawings it's not obvious what makes them unfit).
azandani  (posted 2021-11-10 02:45:17.0)
Hello Ludo, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. According to the specs, this product should be compatible without any issue.
Min Beom Lee  (posted 2021-05-20 15:18:07.817)
What is a model name of filter cube for Zeiss microscope (Axio Imager Z2 or Z1)
YLohia  (posted 2021-05-20 10:33:43.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Unfortunately, these filter cubes are not directly compatible with Zeiss microscopes. We will consider offering versions of these compatible with Zeiss in the future.
Michael Isselstein  (posted 2020-03-09 17:15:40.787)
For your "customer inspired" section: It would sometimes be useful for some applications to be able to buy Filter Cubes that hold thicker Dichroics (2-3mm)
YLohia  (posted 2020-03-09 02:43:45.0)
Hello Michael, thank you for your feedback. I have posted your suggestion on our internal engineering forum for further consideration as a future product.
hj wang  (posted 2019-10-17 15:59:00.583)
Is tlv-te2000 compatible with eclipse 80i microscopes?
YLohia  (posted 2019-10-17 10:15:18.0)
Yes, the TLV-TE2000 is indeed compatible with the Nikon Eclipse 80i microscope. This information can be found in the Overview tab, under the "Compatible Microscopes" column of the specs table.
user  (posted 2019-08-05 13:53:58.94)
We do not think this does not happen "The TLV-U-MF2 is not compatible with the WFA2001" But we would like to confirm.
YLohia  (posted 2019-08-05 04:09:08.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. We could not find a reference to the statement, "The TLV-U-MF2 is not compatible with the WFA2001" on our website or documentation. That being said, this cube is not compatible with the WFA2001. Please contact your local Thorlabs Tech Support branch if you have further questions.
Ryan Wu  (posted 2019-04-17 09:16:29.927)
Are there any Thorlabs adaptors to mount MDFM-TE2000 or MDFM-QFXL to 30-mm cage system?
YLohia  (posted 2019-04-17 10:56:04.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. These cubes are designed to be interfaced with industry microscope and not intended to be used with our cage system. Is there any particular reason the DFM1 (filter cube designed for our cage system) wouldn't work for you?
wenzel.jakob  (posted 2018-03-27 09:43:17.953)
Can the Thorlabs-built filter cubes (e.g. TLV-TE2000) accommodate 25.4mm filters? (The use of SM1 retaining rings seems to suggest this, but I am not sure..)
tcampbell  (posted 2018-03-28 08:46:56.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Yes, our filter cubes have SM1 threading and are compatible with Ø25.4 mm (Ø1.00") optics as well as Ø25.0 mm optics. We will update the presentation to make this clearer. Keep in mind that the optic thickness should be no greater than 5 mm or 3.5 mm, depending on the side of the cube.
aklossek  (posted 2017-10-20 16:11:38.51)
Dear ladies and gentlemen, can you please confirm that the filter cube TLV-U-FF is operating in the Olympus IX83 microscope. Kind regards André Klossek
nbayconich  (posted 2017-10-25 03:26:08.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. The TLV-U-FF should be compatible with all of Olympus's IX3 series inverted microscopes. If the TLV-U-FF does not fit properly in your IX83 we can accept a return. I will contact you directly with more information.
user  (posted 2013-11-12 16:14:13.657)
Is it possible to buy any of the filter cube components separately? Some of the emission filter holders for my Nikon (TE2000) filter cubes are broken, and I do not need the whole cube, just the emission filter holder bit.
tcohen  (posted 2013-11-21 11:39:48.0)
Response from Tim at Thorlabs: Yes, we can supply the individual components. I see you did not leave an email address for us to provide a quote, so please contact us at Techsupport@thorlabs.com if you would like to pursue this option.
jjurado  (posted 2011-07-14 10:53:00.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to Elisabeth.Liebler-Tenorio: Although we currently do not offer filter cubes specifically designed for Leica microscopes, we will look into adding these to our current line. In the meantime, I will contact you directly to help you find a solution for your application.
Elisabeth.Liebler-Tenorio  (posted 2011-07-13 13:51:56.0)
Can you offer also filter cubes for a Leica DM RBE microscope. Size of cubes "L", cubes A4, L5, N3 and Y5?
jjurado  (posted 2011-05-27 10:13:00.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to anonymous poster: Thank you for your reply. Please contact us at techsupport@thorlabs.com to discuss the details of your application. Perhaps we can devise a solution for adapting these cubes to our cage system.
user  (posted 2011-05-27 00:28:43.0)
Youre missing the point. I have lots of preloaded Oly, etc filtercubes in microscope turrets and stored on the shelf. It would be nice to pop these into a tabletop adapter rather than taking the filtercube apart, extracting the filters, and then taking a Thor cage/cube assembly apart and then remounting them and reinstalling them in a Thor tabletop setup. A filtercube-ready adaptor would be much much more convenient.
jjurado  (posted 2011-05-05 11:17:00.0)
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to last poster: Thank you very much for your feedback. We actually offer a variety of components that allow for mounting dichroic filters (26-43 mm long) and 1" diameter excitation/emission filters onto an optical table. Please visit the link below and review the descriptions for part numbers FFM1, B5C, and C4W. These components can easily be mounted onto an optical table via an 8-32 threaded post. http://www.thorlabs.com/NewGroupPage9.cfm?ObjectGroup_ID=3929 Please contact us at techsupport@thorlabs.com if you have any further questions or comments.
user  (posted 2011-05-04 16:55:22.0)
How about a tabletop mount for these cubes?
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  • OEM品に比べ、フィルタの取り付けが容易で保持機構も改善
  • OlympusおよびNikon製顕微鏡に対応(対応製品は下表参照)
  • フィルターキューブ本体は耐性の高いアルミニウム製
  • 当社製品およびサードパーティの蛍光フィルターセット用 
  • 取り付けたフィルタが分かるマーキング用ラベル付き

当社のフィルターキューブは、ダイクロイックミラーの保持機構にバネ板を使用しており、これにより光学素子への負荷が少なくなるため、イメージングの品質が向上します。 また全アルミニウム製のキューブ本体、光学素子の簡単な取り付け方法、そして取り付けたフィルタの情報を記入できる3つの刻印ラベルといった特長があります。キューブには型番も刻印されています。顕微鏡の対応表は下記をご覧ください。またイメージングフィルターセットを予め取り付けたキューブもご用意しております。




Item #Microscope
Compatible MicroscopesCompatible
Filter Size
Filter Size
Maximum Compatible
Dichroic Mirror Size
Assembly Manual
TLV-U-MF2OlympusAX, BX2, and IX2 SeriesØ25 mm or Ø1",
Up to 5 mm thick
Ø25 mm or Ø1",
Up to 3.5 mm thick
25.9 mm x 36.9 mm x 1.1 mmTLV-U-MF2 Manual
TLV-U-FFOlympusBX3 and IX3 Series26.7 mm x 37.7 mm x 1.1 mmTLV-U-FF Manual
TLV-TE2000NikonTE2000, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, Eclipse Ti, and
Epi-Fluor Illuminator Scopes
25.9 mm x 36.6 mm x 1.1 mmTLV-TE2000 Manual


+1 数量 資料 型番 - ユニバーサル規格 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
TLV-U-MF2 Support Documentation
TLV-U-MF2Customer Inspired! Olympus AX、BX2、IX2顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ
TLV-U-FF Support Documentation
TLV-U-FFCustomer Inspired! Olympus BX3、IX3顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ
7-10 Days
TLV-TE2000 Support Documentation
TLV-TE2000Customer Inspired! Nikon TE2000&Eclipse Ti顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ
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  • OlympusならびにNikon製OEMフィルターキューブ
  • 当社の顕微鏡キューブ(上記参照)と交換可能
  • 当社製品ならびにサードパーティの蛍光フィルターセット用

こちらのOEMフィルターキューブはOlympusまたはNikon製です。フィルターキューブは励起フィルタ(Ø25 mm、厚さ5 mmまで)、吸収フィルタ(Ø25 mm、厚さ3.5 mmまで)、そしてダイクロイックミラー(最大25.2 mm x 36.0 mm x 1.0 mmまで)で構成する蛍光フィルターセットを保持します。右の動画の通り、光学素子の取り付け、アライメント、交換が簡単です。光学素子の取り付けや取り外しに際しては、フィルターキューブ本体をプラスドライバで分解することができます。組立方法の詳細については、下表内のマニュアルをご参照ください。



Item #Manufacturer
Part #
Compatible MicroscopesCompatible
Filter Size
Filter Size
Maximum Compatible
Dichroic Mirror Size
Assembly Manual
MDFM-MF2Olympus U-MF2OlympusAX, BX2, and IX2 seriesØ25 mm or Ø1",
Up to 5 mm thick
Ø25 mm or Ø1",
Up to 3.5 mm thick
25.2 mm x 36.0 mm x 1.0 mmMDFM-MF2
ThorlabsCerna® Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes with
WFA2001 or WFA2002 Epi-Illuminator Module
MDFM-QFXLNikon QuadfluorNikonE200, E400, E600, E800, E1000, TS100,
TS100F, TE200, TE300, ME600L, L150A Scopes
MDFM-TE2000Nikon TE2000NikonTE2000, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, Eclipse Ti,
and Epi-Fluor Illuminator Scopes
MDFM-TE2000 Manual


+1 数量 資料 型番 - ユニバーサル規格 定価(税抜) 出荷予定日
MDFM-MF2 Support Documentation
MDFM-MF2Olympus AX、BX2、IX2、およびWFA2001またはWFA2002付きCerna顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ(OEM品)
MDFM-QFXL Support Documentation
MDFM-QFXLNikon E200-1000、TE200 顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ(OEM品)
7-10 Days
MDFM-TE2000 Support Documentation
MDFM-TE2000Nikon TE2000、Eclipse Ti顕微鏡用キューブアセンブリ(OEM品)
7-10 Days